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Pere Lachaise July 2009

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    Pictures from Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris...July 2009
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May 03, 2008



Beautiful, Cheryl. I love reading your blog because it's like I'm there. Hee!! Brea is a lovely as her mother! I know what you mean about the epitaphats on old graves. I love them too. In my home town, some of the graves from the flu of 1918 had pictures of the little children; so sad. Ok, keep it up, Cheryl. I am so enjoying reading about your travels...and the food. Hee! xxoo Jules


I love all the notes on what interesting food you've been eating -- makes me hungry! I can't get Beignets in my town!

Also, I love all the cemetery pics. Keep 'em coming!


Sorry for not posting sooner, but so much has been going on. I love reading about your adventures and the gorgeous pictures. Like Julianna has said, it is like we are there ourselves with you. I am glad you had such a pleasant journey with your family.

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