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I'm a retired stay-at-home mom and a multi-media artist...whose life has taken a new direction. The door has opened for many new learning opportunites.
I have spent the last two years learning how to make videos and teaching myself photoshop. I am a fan video moderator for a website, GerardButler.Net.
When the kids were home and in school I was making jewelry and selling it at a little shop near my home. It's time to get back into my jewelry and making more art again. Goals for 2009...learning how to draw and paint with watercolors...more visual journaling.
And then there's traveling!!!


reading a good book, i love traveling with my husband and hope to be doing more in 2012. i love my children and miss them terribly now that they have flown the nest. i love making jewelry out of old, antique pieces, wishing they could share their history with me, one of my favorite things to do is lay in my hammonk with the sun shining on my face, drinking a cafe latte and listening to my waterfall. love a good movie where i can't figure out the ending. love taking pictures of cemeteries and old things. life is full of wild and crazy adventures and i'm looking forward to all of them!